Sunday, August 11, 2013

The "ShortStrike": A Minimized, Elite-ified LongStrike

A few weeks back we got an email asking if we could build another elite-ified LongStrike, and it we could make it more pistol-like buy lopping the front off. We said yes (duh). I give you (what has been done individually but probably never together) - The ShortStrike. It's nothing short of a modified Retaliator though (haha, punny).

  • Front minimization 
  • Retaliator internals transplant
  • OMW 2x spring and 2x catch spring 
  • Stock quick-lock mod
We're sending it back to the owner, who wanted to do his own cosmetic work, but we beautified that hole in the front end up pretty well. There's also some process and comparison photos here, but it's all the finished at the bottom. Also, only one half of the priming bar was sent to us, so that's what is pictured.

Elite-ified internals, pre-minimization.
End result.

Size comparison to a Retaliator.
Size comparison to a full LongStrike.
Size comparison.
Size comparison.
Size comparison.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Mass Effect N7-themed Rayven

Well, we finally got this bad boy out. It sure was a hassle and seemed like one thing after another kept going wrong with it (especially when trying to order the decals). Anyways, the guy who commissioned this is finally receiving it back after it has been sitting in my garage for the last 2 months in various stages of completion. I feel like the weathering looks a bit off, and the clear coat lightened the black coats by a lot, but it turned out well overall. We like it, we hope the owner likes it, and we hope you like it too, as we move into more detailed cosmetic mods moving in the future.


Sunday, August 4, 2013

Custom Paintjob Giveaway Results

Well the custom paintjob giveaway ended about an hour ago and we were short 15 likes from giving it away (we got about 35 of the 75 likes needed on the first day alone). Thanks to everyone who entered and spread the word.

We plan on doing a lot more of the same type of giveaway every couple of months now moving into the future, so be sure to invite your friends to like us and keep an eye on our page for more info, latest news, new JSI customs and chances to win more free stuff. And as always, we're open for commissions unless we specify otherwise.

JSI out --