Sunday, November 27, 2016

JSI Christmas Closeout Bananza

So it has come that time - JSI is nearing its final months and will be soon closing down shop. We are currently in the process of liquidating our personal collections - just in time for the holidays! Check out our sales on our Facebook page and on eBay. All the details can be found on our Facebook page. Come grab some stock blasters and custom JSI mods before they're gone!

Monday, December 15, 2014

We're Back

And better than ever.

Here's a new 180 motor swap RS upgrade - spitting out darts faster than you care to dodge.

(Those battery leads did get tidies up, just not before we snapped a photo)

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Deadpool Elite Alpha Trooper

Here we have another one of Sam's Deadpool blasters. Since it's half for looks and half for shits & gigs, Sam went all out on the damage. Literally, I was sitting across the room working on something and he pulled out a knife and started stabbing the shell with it, was throwing it on the ground, and it may or may not have been thrown off the parking garage (wouldn't be the first time). The goal was to make it look like it has literally gone through hell, and was used to blow somebody's brains out from ~ 12" away. Anyways, here's what we got.

  • Deadpool blood-spatter themed red/black paintjob with heavy shell damage
  • OMW 2x upgrade spring


Monday, April 7, 2014

Blade 180 Rapidstrike Testing

We took a quick performance video when power testing the pair of Blade 180 Rapidstrikes that we were working on over the weekend. Only half-assembled (we were just testing to see if the rewire was successful after all), but you can see the raw performance. Since one of the two is a personal build, hopefully I'll get some chrony data on it in the coming weeks.

Quick specs on the build:
-3S (11.1v) 20C 4000mAh LiPo pack w/ Deans connection
-Blade 180 flywheel motors
-Stock pusher motor
-16AWG full rewire, all electronic locks bypassed
-10A microswitch swap for the flywheel rev switch

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Stryfe/Rough Cut Masterkey Gear of War Cosplay Piece

We got an odd request to make a stryfe/rough cut masterkey that would serve as a Gears of War cosplay prop (fully functional though). Before anyone goes off about the absence of an orange tip and the nearly all-black paintjob, this was specifically requested by the commissioner, who assured us that a temporary orange tip and extreme caution/safety would be used in cases/places that warranted it.

  • "Flat Dark Earth" paintjob - black vinyl dye primer coat, Ultra-flat black main coat, matt clear coat). Came out very "earthy"
  • Bloody red Gears of War cog tag logo
  • Masterkey style integration
  • Selective-slamfire capability on forward pump
  • Pesky top-lock removal
  • 18 round mag with notch and shaving to work in reverse
  • Mag painted to mask ammo count, except for single stripe

Monday, February 3, 2014

Jolt Priming Bar Shortening

We had a commission come in where the owner wanted a Jolt to have the last inch of the priming handle be removed and be able to reattach via screw. We don't judge, so we accepted.It's now removable via a 6-32x machine screw and nut. The screw fully nests into the bore of the priming bar, so it can effectively lengthen the bar if not screwed in all the way.

Battery supply selection guide (with purchase links)

Here is a link to our "guide" on selecting the right power supply for your setup, as well as what to look for and where to browse. This page is not currently booked on our page bar on the blog, but the link will be permalinked somewhere on the sidebar, and is also available on our FB page as a note.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sam's Deadpool Hammershot Pair

Here we have Sam's pair of Deadpool themed Hammershots (to pair with his invitational costume and Stryfe set). Blood spattered (and by spattered we mean bathed) paintjob and zany Deadpool characteristic quotes (which, granted, could have been written better), but c'mon, it's DEADPOOL.

 Sam's Deadpool Costume

 Also, if you haven't bought/played this game yet, 


Jumped up over 40k views on the gallery while I wasn't paying attention today, just wanted to say thanks to our followers for the support and our customers for their money (I mean you got some pretty nifty mods in return).

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

100th POST BLOWOUT BONANZA: Blade 180 Rapidstrikes!

In honor of our 100th post, I present to you: JSI's first Blade 180 motor swaps. These things are insane, and due to the cold weather and lack of chrony, I unfortunately did not get a range test or fps data.

Anyways, these are the definition of OP. I wouldn't want to shot with them and I made them. They scare me. They're probably louder than a chainsaw; wouldn't surprise me.

All 3 models have exactly the same specs, and are all similar paintjobs. 

  • Red/Black marbled blood spatter paintjob (black vinyl dye primer coat, red main coat, matte clear coat)
  • Complete internal rewire with 18 AWG wire
  • Motor swap with Blade 180 motors (L/R) with resettable PTC fuses
  • Shell modification to support larger LiPo packs (3S 5500mAh+)
  • Battery pack: Bias 3S 25C 5500mAh LiPo
  • Genuine Deans connectors
  • EGP20F diode on pusher motor for ROF stability
  • Custom vinyl lettering on side: "TCK"
  • Pain comes standard
Full Order

These are like 98% the same as TorukMakto4's setup as seen in this video, I wish that I would have thought to video the performance before packing them up to send off, the commissioner needed them (across the country) for a Nerf war happening on Saturday so these were shipped pretty much right after completion and testing yesterday (Tuesday).