Saturday, November 24, 2012

Alpha SCAR v2 (Revamp)

So about a year ago I bought an Alpha Trooper SCAR lookalike off of another modder at Purdue. It wasn't too bad, but he messed with the internals (against what I asked) which ended up destroying the locks, slamfire, and eventually the internals, since it had an OMW Stage 1 kit (mainly the 5kg spring).

Credit to 5 Guns Rifle Co. (2011)

It looked nice though. The addition of a barrel extension, faux-rails, a few cosmetic additions and a solid stock made it look pretty badass. However, since it was effectively destroyed after a few months, I took the liberty of scrapping it and building a new one.

Here's the end result:
95% complete, still missing the rear sections of the rail that need attached
  • New paintjob (less satin almond, more flat desert tan)
  • New working rails (SlyDev Picatinny rails)
  • New working SlyDev iron sights
  • OMW Massacre kit, fully troubleshot/preventative care taken
  • Metal trigger
  • The original solid stock (credit to 5 Guns)
  • NcSTAR Red Dot Sight