About JSI Modding

Obviously if you've read the tidbit on the right side of this blog, you know that we are a group of 3 Purdue University engineering students that offer Nerf commissions to the world (US-based). We started our little business in the spring of 2012 after seeing a need for a local one-stop-shop at Purdue for all things Nerf. Since then, JSI Modding has evolved into much more than that, we offer not only a wide variety of Nerf modding services to Purdue's students, but also to the world via our blog, FB page, G+ page, and various other platforms. We utilize the same trusted mods (as well as some of our own variations) as the ones that you would find on sites such as NRev, NerfHaven, SGNerf, Mod Works, OMW Forums, Urban Taggers and beyond. We have big plans in store for Summer 2013, keep an eye out.

Meet the members of JSI:

(J) - Jake

Electrical engineer and Primary Heavy Tank (that just means he carries the big guns and the ammo). Usually seen running the JSI web presence, Jake also handles a majority of the commissions and logistics. Jake is usually the one keeping Ivan from killing someone (literally) or Sam from getting killed (non-literally). 

(S) - Sam

Mechanical engineer and thousandaire, co-op, automatic specialist extraordinaire. When not working his co-op job or studying, he's usually found blowing his expendable income on building his own Nerf'd War Machine Suit or Tony Stark merch (see: WOAR Machine & Armpede posts).

(I) - Ivan

Mechanical engineer and evil genius (just evil). The mastermind behind Steve 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 (and soon 4.0) and the Armpede, Ivan is usually seen hacking apart blasters in an attempt to make things better, faster, stronger, and probably illegal.