This page is for past customers to post their comments and testimonials from their experience with JSI Modding. We don't ask that you post your name (you can if you want), but we at least ask that you post what order/blaster you are referring to when posting feedback. Thanks guys!

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  1. Back in December I contacted JSI wanting a foregrip that was capable of withstanding the forces needed to prime a LS that had an 8kg spring in it. After shelling out ideas we came up with the pictitinny Longshot foregrip. The grip was exactly what I envisioned it to be on paper. JSI is one of the best nerf moddng groups around and will always contact them if I need something done.

  2. Worth the wait. Just got a big shipment back from JSI in the mail-- a sweet Mav repaint and a Rampage foregrip conversion, among others-- and everything came out awesome. Between that, the good prices, and the can-do attitude of the crew, I'd definitely come back to JSI for whatever I need.

  3. Commissioned a Styfe Masterkey taking the advice of the JSI guys on a suitable spec/config. It arrived in great condition and a very solid build which was one of my main concerns. Performed great in a recent HvZ event and would recommend JSI for all your Nerf modding needs!