Monday, October 21, 2013

Red Strike Elite Alpha Trooper - JSI Edition

Here we have a pretty standard haul on an EAT with a nice Red/Black repaint that the commissioner dubbed "the JSI Edition Red Strike series." Hey, we don't have a problem with that, when the first words out of his mouth were "it looks like the plastic came out of the box this way." Oh the wonders of vinyl dye and clear coats. However, we were asked to retain all orange pieces as orange for HvZ legality (Purdue is cracking down on it's "simulated firearms" bs rules...).

  • Red/Black "JSI Edition Red Strike" paintjob (3x black vinyl dye undercoat, 2x red Krylon main coat, 3x matte clear top coat.
  • Basic internals (AR removal, Half-lock & bolt lock out - slamfire lock obviously retained)
  • OWM 2x spring addition
  • Imbued with the badass, zombie slaying spirit of 1000 fallen soldiers (really) (but not really) (but really).

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Delving into the RapidStrike

So Ivan was the first of us to get a RapidStrike and really mess around with it. The internals are surprisingly simple (once you figure out what's going on in there), and the shell is easily split for painting.

Not much changed from the stock setup, but the overvolt is throwing darts out to about 80' flat at about 360rpm. You can expect a more in depth internal build soon from Jake, based on TorukMakto4 & Naazrael's motor testing and developments.

  • Tan/Grey/Black mixed stripe paintjob w/ clear coat
  • Internal rewiring to bypass electronic locks & PCBs/ICBs
  • Overvolt to 360rpm
  • P90 sling (works like a charm)
  • Dressed up with some "tacticool" attachments for added coolness

Don't mind Ivan trying to look tacticool

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Stampede: ACR-esque assault conversion

Here' we have one of the more recent things to be finished: a stampede with the general assault conversion, but with more of an ACR-esque design.

  • Desert Tan/Black paintjob (black vinyl dye base coat & clear coat protestant)
  • Custom assault-style body design with ACR-esque features
  • Top Nerf rail replacement
  • AR Removal + OMW 2x spring
  • Battery box addition for overvolt
  • Electronic lock removal (4/5)
  • Laser attachment (with changeable pressure/toggle switch)
  • NcSTAR Red Dot sight 
(AAs shown for reference)

Deadpool Stryfe Set

Sam made a custom pair of Deadpool-themed Stryfes to go along with his Deadpool costume (seen at BSU and OSU Invitationals).

Custom paintjob, overvolts, and lock removal, that's about it.

Hands-on Rapidstrike

Catching up on everything that we've done in the last 2 months, we haven't really been present on the blog or FB due to the high load of work we've been swamped with this semester (and Sam is on co-op again).

Anyways, here's the first hand's on job we had with the Rapidstrike. We really like it, it has a lot of potential when revamped correctly.

This unit was painted to match the recipient's Halo Spartan armor., and has a simple overvolt to 360rpm. 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

MOAR Stryfe/Rough Cut Masterkeys (well, just one)

Just another Stryfe/Rough Cut Masterkey. Nothing too special beyond its predecessors. As always, looks bendy in the photo, but is still aligned perfectly straight.

-JSI Masterkey integration (changed up the RC trigger guard a bit)
-"Selectable Slamfire" capability
-LSFG extended barrel (just a smidgen short of the full length one)
-RM2 motors swap and necessary electrical rewiring (no inductors, no thermistor, no locks)
-Flywheel grip improved
-Ready for overvolt, but sent with a AA setup
-Weighted grip for counterbalance

Pictured with a Raider stock, which the recipient is supplying himself.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

The "ShortStrike": A Minimized, Elite-ified LongStrike

A few weeks back we got an email asking if we could build another elite-ified LongStrike, and it we could make it more pistol-like buy lopping the front off. We said yes (duh). I give you (what has been done individually but probably never together) - The ShortStrike. It's nothing short of a modified Retaliator though (haha, punny).

  • Front minimization 
  • Retaliator internals transplant
  • OMW 2x spring and 2x catch spring 
  • Stock quick-lock mod
We're sending it back to the owner, who wanted to do his own cosmetic work, but we beautified that hole in the front end up pretty well. There's also some process and comparison photos here, but it's all the finished at the bottom. Also, only one half of the priming bar was sent to us, so that's what is pictured.

Elite-ified internals, pre-minimization.
End result.

Size comparison to a Retaliator.
Size comparison to a full LongStrike.
Size comparison.
Size comparison.
Size comparison.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Mass Effect N7-themed Rayven

Well, we finally got this bad boy out. It sure was a hassle and seemed like one thing after another kept going wrong with it (especially when trying to order the decals). Anyways, the guy who commissioned this is finally receiving it back after it has been sitting in my garage for the last 2 months in various stages of completion. I feel like the weathering looks a bit off, and the clear coat lightened the black coats by a lot, but it turned out well overall. We like it, we hope the owner likes it, and we hope you like it too, as we move into more detailed cosmetic mods moving in the future.


Sunday, August 4, 2013

Custom Paintjob Giveaway Results

Well the custom paintjob giveaway ended about an hour ago and we were short 15 likes from giving it away (we got about 35 of the 75 likes needed on the first day alone). Thanks to everyone who entered and spread the word.

We plan on doing a lot more of the same type of giveaway every couple of months now moving into the future, so be sure to invite your friends to like us and keep an eye on our page for more info, latest news, new JSI customs and chances to win more free stuff. And as always, we're open for commissions unless we specify otherwise.

JSI out --

Sunday, July 28, 2013

FREE Custom Paintjob GIVEAWAY!


If our FB page ( can reach 200 likes in the next 7 days (by August 4, 2013), we'll give away a FREE custom paintjob on the Nerf blaster of your choosing (blaster not included in giveaway). We're currently sitting at 133 likes.

Alternatively, if this blog can reach 40 followers in the next 7 days, we'll also give away the FREE custom paintjob. The blog currently has 5 followers.

SHARE this FB post (don't just like it) to enter the GIVEAWAY! One lucky winner will be chosen and contacted on August 4, 2013 if either our page or blog reaches the goal!

The giveaway has ended. Please see THIS POST for the results and more info.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Rampage Re-grip

Simple enough mod that turned out pretty well - splicing a carved up LSFG priming slide onto a Rampage grip. Also features a removable tac-light mounted into the new grip. Very streamlined, very shotgun-y. I like it.

 And at long last, Damian (the commissioner) is finally going to get 75% of his order in the mail.