Friday, July 27, 2012

JSI "Early Career Accessories"

Well, in the early years of our Nerf modding lives, we made some "interesting" accessories. Take a look (prices are the cost to get this mod/accessory (now refined) for yourself):

Removable foregrip (works well on AT/Recon barrel) (Mod: $6)

Super Speed Coupler for pistol with JSI brass couplers

Vulcan extended chains (2x 100 round belts pictured) (Mod: $2 per belt)

Longshot Pumpgrips (New commissions available)

Recently I was commissioned to make a longshot pumpgrip that met 2 conditions: it could fit over a LS with no shell modification, and it was cheap.

Here's what I cam up with: a variation on SGNerf's pvc pumpgrip.

As you can see, it looks kinda unwieldy, but it works fine and my small hands can grip it fine. It also fits over a stock LS with removed bipods just fine (SGNerf can fit thinwall pvc over the bipods; thinwall pvc is very uncommon in my area). The pvc arm bars can (supposedly) withstand spring tensions of 14kg and upward. Other than that, I can churn these out for $15.

The JSI (NerfNerds-style inspired) pumpgrip that I use on my own LS, however, is slightly better in my own opinion.

As you can see, it requires a bit of modification to the front of the LS; the bipods CANNOT be reattached, and there is also a gaping hole in the shell (which can be patched). The upside is that the pvc is the same width as the LS shell, and fits quite nicely. Also, the metal brackets are very strong and can stand up to pretty high spring force. I can make these for about $20 - $25 (depending on where I can source parts).

Both designs use a #8 threaded bolt with nylon spacers to connect to the bolt sled.

So, in conclusion:
  • SGNerf PVC LS Pumpgrip: $15
  • JSI/NN PVC/metal Pumpgrip: $20-25

500 Visits!

We've had 500 visits to our blog in a little over a month. We'd like to thank everyone for visiting and you're continual interest in what we do.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Recon Remington R5

Damn that's a lot of R's. Well here is a project gun that's been sitting in my closet for awhile, my Remington R5 RGP with desert ops paintjob. Turned out better than expected.

  • Desert Ops Tan/Black paintjob
  • 5" Barrel extension
  • Fast-priming handle
  • OMW Massacre kit (6kg main spring)
  • OMW Metal trigger

Friday, July 20, 2012

Triple Barrel Maverick: The Pepper Box v2 + Commissions/Spacers FOR SALE

Here's the (long-awaited) assembled and working Triple Barrel Maverick. I'm naming it "The Pepper Box." It's a take on a three-barrel pistol from the late 1800s. As you can see a few changes from the WIP post that was posted a few weeks back, I have added the new acrylic laser-cut spacers as well as some new reinforcements and a new axis of rotation system. It actually works quite well.

  • Triple Barrel Mod
  • OMW 6kg spring
  • ARs out/lubed/sealed
  • Posts removed (I would not recommend unless the ARs are removed AND dead space is removed)
  • Acrylic laser-cut spacers
  • Reinforcements to front of shell
  • Clutch mod
  • Black/grey paintjob (TBA later on)


Well, my laser-cut acrylic spacers finally came in for the TBM that I've been working on. The original plywood spacers that I had made didn't quite cut it. So here is my nice new stack of spacer sets.

Other than that, we can now offer Triple Barrel Maverick mods to the public. The total mod package includes:
  • The triple barrel Maverick with:
  • 3 revolving barrels with 6 shots each
  • Quality acrylic turret spacers
  • 6kg OMW spring
  • AR removal
  • Post removal
  • Clutch mod
  • Turret seal
  • Paintjob
Also, if anyone is interested in buying the spacers alone (if you're like me and don't have a cnc router or laser) to do the modding yourself, the set runs for $20, +$3.50 shipped to anywhere in the US or +$13 shipped international.

DIY TBM mod packages are also available which include both the spacers and OMW 6kg spring, and run for $30, +$3.50 shipped to anywhere in the US or +$13 shipped international.

As of July. 18, 2013, I have acquired 2 more sets of spacers. These are solely for entire commissions, and will not be sold off individually.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Xplorer kits now available

Recently Xplorer launched their own webstore, and we now offer installation of their kits into commissions. Check all the CNC-carved goodness here:

Friday, July 13, 2012

Slydev Accessories NOW AVAILABLE

We have happened upon quite a unique site recently, which supplies handy little Nerf accesories. It happens to be, a store run from Australia, and they offer an assortment of pieces that help turn Nerf guns into much, much more. Whether you are looking to add a 22mm rail, iron sights, a jolt adapter, or maybe convert a single N-strike rail into 2-3, Slydev has just the part for the job.

We are now happy to offer these parts on all commissions (permitting the time/cost to import them):

-Jolt attachment
-Rail conversion (multiple N-strike rails, or 22mm railing)
-Rail addition (adding N-strike or 22mm railing)
-Iron sights
-Dart/disk holders (for N-strike rails) (2-8, multiples of 2)

Check it out HERE

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

New blog layout / functionality

We changed up the layout of the blog a little bit to size up some more functionality. We've added a master pageview counter, Facebook page integration, and hopefully we may add YouTube integration later this year. Hope you like it, and we're always open to suggestions.

Either way, keep checking us out for cool stuff and follow the blog to stay up to date on all things JSI.

EDIT: We are also new Orange Mod Works referral associates! Click the OMW banner on the left side of the blog to link to their website and buy all sorts of goodies like springs and polycarbonate internal replacement kits. You have to click OUR link or banner to get to their site RIGHT BEFORE you place an order, otherwise we don't get the associate credit. Thanks in advance!

Friday, July 6, 2012

The Pepper-Box: Triple Barrel Maverick WIP

Well one gun that caught my eye not too long ago was a maverick with 3 barrels. I thought that it looked legit, so I went out and bought a few mavs and started in on it. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but it proved to have a few tough workarounds I wasn't counting on.

The name is my take on a Civil War era pistol that featured 3 barrels that rotated on a central axis. I found the name fitting enough.

  • 3 barrels, 6 shots each, total of 18 shots
  • Basic AR/post removal
  • Plunger dead space eliminated
  • AR dead space eliminated
  • OMW 6kg spring (tba)
  • Classic Black/Silver paintjob (tba)
Note: Not fully assembled in these posted pictures, ran into a slight snag with the temporary wooden spacers

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ivan's new batch of blasters

Here we have Ivan's new personal arsenal: a custom Alpha Trooper, Stampede, and Nitefinder, with a Rayven to match on the way. Let's break down the specs:

Alpha Trooper:
  • OD Green/Black/Orange paintjob
  • AR removal/plunger padding/air release seal/lubrication
  • OMW 5kg spring (tba)
  • Custom folding spectre stock with reinforcement and clip holder
  • Iron sights
  • OD Green/Black/Orange paintjob
  • Body modification for SMG
  • Battery bay in stock
  • Basic mods: Air restrictor removal, plunger padded, air release seal, lubrication
  • Advanced mods: Upgraded spring combination, 12v power supply via 8AA, electronic lock removal
  • Essentially a repaint/rebarrel of a previous CQB SMG mod
  • OD Green/Black/Orange paintjob
  • Body nose segmentation
  • Speed cpvc couplers
  • Upgraded spring (tba)
  • AR removal/plunger padded/air release seal/lubrication