Sunday, February 24, 2013

Stryfe w/ Rough Cut Underbarrel Masterkey

The title says it all, just another Stryfe with underbarrel Rough Cut Masterkey integration. This one has an extended LSFG barrel and is drum-compatible also (woo improvement). As always its a solid, 1-piece integration (which can be reversed by unscrewing the Stryfe), with a single zip-tie at the front for stability and no jiggling. With the exception of finding more and more Rough Cut problems on the right side mechanisms every time, I like these more every day.

The Longshot Revisted

About 2 months a go we put out a Longshot that we named "The Zambie Blood Striped Longshot." Well the owner wanted an OMW Immortal kit in it, so this is now what we have:

  • Same Longshot 
  • Blocked stock (locked into back position, can be reversed)
  • OMW "Pre-Order-200%-Size" priming handle integrated into the forward pump
  • 1 hand primable
  • Incredible range and power

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Illusive OMW Immortal Kit

Looky, looky: The OMW Longshot Immortal Kit.

Lives up to the hype. The full high-impact polycarbonate internal replacement kit is outshooting our standard modded Longshots (my personal ones) with similar spring loads. Smooth and VERY EASY one-hand priming.

Even if you missed the pre-order exclusive bonus priming handle, we can whip up custom handles that fit this kit (as the stock handles are too small to work) and ONE-HAND PRIME. However, at 10kg a priming handle is easier to prime and more reliable than pumpgrips.

We give it two thumbs up, and will be offering this if OMW makes a second production run after the current run sells out (which may or may not have already happened).

Monday, February 4, 2013


Don't try to lowball us on your own quote for what you think a commission should be. We have pretty simple and cheap cut-and-dry prices set for most things. Don't abuse it. We take pride in what we do, and the net profit from labor that we make on any given order is minimal at best. We want that to last, so if you think that we charge too much, then mod your own guns, that's no sweat off our backs.