Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sam's Deadpool Hammershot Pair

Here we have Sam's pair of Deadpool themed Hammershots (to pair with his invitational costume and Stryfe set). Blood spattered (and by spattered we mean bathed) paintjob and zany Deadpool characteristic quotes (which, granted, could have been written better), but c'mon, it's DEADPOOL.

 Sam's Deadpool Costume

 Also, if you haven't bought/played this game yet, 


Jumped up over 40k views on the gallery while I wasn't paying attention today, just wanted to say thanks to our followers for the support and our customers for their money (I mean you got some pretty nifty mods in return).

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

100th POST BLOWOUT BONANZA: Blade 180 Rapidstrikes!

In honor of our 100th post, I present to you: JSI's first Blade 180 motor swaps. These things are insane, and due to the cold weather and lack of chrony, I unfortunately did not get a range test or fps data.

Anyways, these are the definition of OP. I wouldn't want to shot with them and I made them. They scare me. They're probably louder than a chainsaw; wouldn't surprise me.

All 3 models have exactly the same specs, and are all similar paintjobs. 

  • Red/Black marbled blood spatter paintjob (black vinyl dye primer coat, red main coat, matte clear coat)
  • Complete internal rewire with 18 AWG wire
  • Motor swap with Blade 180 motors (L/R) with resettable PTC fuses
  • Shell modification to support larger LiPo packs (3S 5500mAh+)
  • Battery pack: Bias 3S 25C 5500mAh LiPo
  • Genuine Deans connectors
  • EGP20F diode on pusher motor for ROF stability
  • Custom vinyl lettering on side: "TCK"
  • Pain comes standard
Full Order

These are like 98% the same as TorukMakto4's setup as seen in this video, I wish that I would have thought to video the performance before packing them up to send off, the commissioner needed them (across the country) for a Nerf war happening on Saturday so these were shipped pretty much right after completion and testing yesterday (Tuesday).

Putting the "strong" in Strongarm

Here we have a recently commissioned Strongarm, with the OMW Strongarm final stage kit. For a turreted sidearm with the ARs still intact, this thing is a laser. L A S E R.

  • Red/Black marbled blood spatter paintjob (black vinyl dye primer coat, red main coat, matte clear coat)
  • OMW Strongarm Final Stage w/ metal trigger
  • Peg deletion for rear-loading

 Stay tuned for the big news...

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Catching up

We've gone dark for a few months now, but rest assured we're still here working away in the background. Just posting the last few things we've finished to get caught up for (hopefully) what will be a crowning achievement tomorrow (possibly?).


"Sam's Signature Russian Camo" Rapidstrike Masterkey

"The Punisher"-themed Stryfe

And this LSK on a Rampage stock we built for a guy (plastic welded into a single solid piece).
No lie, it ain't going anywhere. Removable only by the two stock receiver screws (as per request).

(We didn't do anything else for this gun, like the jank chrome duct tape)

Stay tuned, cause we're back biznitches.