Saturday, March 30, 2013

Yet again, another Masterkey

I think it's my cleanest work yet on a Masterkey. Same as the first two, with the exception that it has a motor swap with Solarbotics RM2 motors and the flywheels are plastidip coated.

  • Rough Cut Masterkey integration
  • Basic Stryfe mods (top lock out, thermoresistor bypassed, flywheels plastidip coated)
  • Solarbotics RM2 motor replacements
  • Barrel mount added to front of barrel for future silencer (in true Solscud style)

I was finishing up this Stryfe/Rough Cut Masterkey commission when I noticed something strange: the forward pump had the ability to select fire a side of the barrels, just like the trigger could before it was epoxied in place. No idea what caused it, but I'm trying to replicate it on the next Masterkey commission. I also apologize for the poor quality; phone video + asking a non-technology-savvy family member to take the video doesn't ever turn out too great.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

About Damn Time: The "Rambo" M60 Vulcan

Well, as most of our followers have seen in the last week, Ivan's secret M60 Vulcan project has been close to finally wrapping up after a year of setbacks and temporary lack of interest. However, this "horde breaker" has finally been finished (well it's about 95% there, still needs some touching up on the ammo box paint). Ivan also has plans to add a foresight, belt catch bag and a few other goodies.

But now, let's get down to business:
  • OD Green/Black/Orange paint scheme w/ a super sexy clear coat
  • Detailed body work and custom stock, barrel, foregrip, and trigger grip
  • Re-worked trigger assembly
  • All locks removed and internal minimization (& the basics)
  • Rail mounted to top of the belt hatch
  • Overvolted to 12-16v (ROF of ~400 rpm at 14.5v)
  • Standard 50-round chain (works wonders with Elites)
  • 2x capacity rebuilt ammo box
  • Modified Recon sight 
  • Probably a ton more stuff that I'm forgetting in the excitement that this is finally finished
Also, try to ignore Ivan's face

 And here is a test firing video of the M60:

EDIT 8/12/13: Belt catch bag fashioned out of zippered webbing and lashing straps. Attached to an aluminum frame secured (and removable) by 2 screws.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pololu 130 Motors for Stryfe/Rayven/Barricade/Stockade

Got my shipment of Pololu Solarbotics RM2 130 size motors today, and the results are impressive.

Popped a pair in my Stryfe masterkey (NO PLASTIDIP - meaning that they have the potential to go even further when I add some to the flywheels), and they were humming along nicely. On top of that, even running a little over their rated voltage, I didn't smell any burning, even when holding it revved for a minute, nor did it sound like a chainsaw like the stock motors.

At stock voltage (6v on alkaline AAs), elites were hitting about 40 feet flat (single fire or rapid fire).

At ~9v on 2 Trustfires and 2 nearly drained alkaline AAs, elites were hitting 70 feet flat consistently, and 65 feet during rapid fire.

This testing was done with a retaliator barrel ON (meaning it cut some range), the chokes reattached to the new motors, the flywheels have yet to be plastidip coated (for better dart grip), and using the same 4 elite darts every test.

TL;DR: new motors that can run on 2 Trustfires, hitting the same range as stock motors and 4 Trustfires, without the burning smell or chainsaw sound.

A pair of these motors (installed) will cost $10 in either the Stryfe, Rayven, Barricade, and eventually the Stockade.

I'll try to get a side by side comparison video of stock motors vs. new motors later this week.early next week.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

My Little Ponies - Round 2: The FireStrike

If you've seen the MLP Twilight Sparkle Raider that we made a few months back, you'll know exactly what this is. The guy who commissioned that Raider asked if we'd do his FireStrike up big to match - here's the end result. Great primary/secondary matching loadout.

  • "My Little Pony Twilight Sparkle" triple-tone indigo, violet and pink
  • 2x spring replacement (5/8th of a 6kg+ OMW NF spring)
  • AR removal, plunger release sealed
  • Light, secondary trigger and accessory tooth were removed prior to receiving this for mods

The Original "MLP Twilight Sparkle" Raider Commission

Monday, March 11, 2013

JSI Goes "Steampunk" (lol as if)

Recently was asked if we could do a Steampunk (just metallic, not really stemapunk) themed Maverick for a heavy repeat customer - we said "Why not?" The gun speaks for itself. Metallic paint is a little more expensive than most other colors, but it does look good. Not really a true "Steampunk" in any way, but the customer got exactly what he wanted.

  • Silver/Copper lightly weathered paintjob
  • Logos all sanded off (you'd never know they were ever there)
  • Great new clear coat
  • AR removal & cylinder wells joined into solid barrels
  • Russian Roulette mod (works well)

Shout out from Basic Nerf

We'd like to thank Basic Nerf for the shout-out on his blog. We recently were in contact with him (for support/ help) while he attempted to make his own Stryfe/Rough Cut Masterkey, and it turned out pretty well! Check it out!

The Super Secret Vulcan Project Finally Unveiled

So about a year ago Ivan started working on his "secret vulcan project," and he's finally got around to finishing it out. Just take a look at this nearly-built WIP for yourself.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Special shipment from the RM store!

Just got in an order of foam, domes & a bob clip from PakD through the RM store. All I can say: very impressed. More updates when I get the darts together.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

How To Distract Ivan

Just give him a really big switch that lights up.

(Reader's bonus: high functionality LED ammo counters coming soon!)

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Remedy Metal:: The next big name in aftermarket

We've recently had a lot of contact with Josh over at Remedy Metal, and he's doing big things. Remedy Metal (RM) started out offering stainless steel Longshot internal replacement pieces, and has now expanded (as is still expanding) even further.

The RM store now offers not only the refined RM Power Train Longshot kits and parts (which I'm still waiting for mine to be finished and shipped) capable of firing elite darts at 190fps, but RM now also carries limited Pak Development (PakD) parts (stefan clips, bob domes, and foam), with PakD's Mouseworm LS pumpgrip, LS priming handle, assorted bob dome colors and cast Stampede gears on the way down the road.

RM also paired up with SlyDev as his North American supplier, so look for more SlyDev parts being available for cheaper shipping prices soon too. SlyDev has a pretty healthy backlog to print up, so it may be awhile before the RM store offers those parts, but they're coming (you can order on your own at

RM is currently looking for more 3rd party aftermarket Nerf suppliers to team up with, as long as they don't compete with currently offered RM, PakD and SlyDev products. RM also offers DIY hopper kits, stock LS internals, and other supplies.

Furthermore, talks between JSI and RM have been going on regarding a possible team up, so be looking for that while we expand ourselves in the coming months!