Saturday, April 27, 2013

Stryfe UMP .45 v2

Here we have the v2 model of the Stryfe UMP .45 that Sam has been working on. Basically the same as the old model, but with a new sexy Russian camo & black paintjob, a custom iron sight, and plasti-dipped foregrip and butt of the stock. He might have popped some RM2s in there too, I don't know. Nope, no RM2s. He named it "East Berlin," - the epitome of Russian and laziness.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

BSU [Ball State] Themed Assault-Variant Stampede

Here we have a nice assault-variant stampede, nearly the same as the first ones we did. I must say, the paint had a breakdown halfway through and was a BITCH to fix. Also, Radio Shack sold me a battery box (on/off controlled) with a lead not even soldered to the terminal. Took me an hour and ripping the gun apart for the 8th time to find fix it. Anyways, I like that it turned out well, and here's hoping that it kicks some ass this weekend during its christening at the PSU (Penn St.) Invitational.

  • Red/White Paintjob (w/ clear coat)
  • Main logo removed with Maltese Cross pattern replacment
  • JSI Assault-style minimization
  • Full-length stock false barrel (as opposed to snub)
  • Basic internals
  • OMW 2x (4kg) spring
  • 8x 14500-cell (AA sized) in-line battery tray holders (runs 12-21v)
  • Fresh with 3x 18 sticks (& darts) and a Retaliator foregrip

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Steampunk Stryfe

This has been a commission in the works for a few weeks now, for an older gentleman who needed a steampunk-themed blaster to be a chaperone for his nieces' LARP game. We told him we knew just what he needed. Steampunk: check. Semi-auto: check. Badass: check.

  • Copper/Brass/Black/Brown steampunk paintjob (Copper main, Brass secondary, Black accent & undercoat, Brown "wooden" grip) with weathering & clear coat
  • Logos removed
  • Basic Stryfe internals (top lock out, thermistor removed)
  • Plasti-dip'd balanced flywheels
  • Solarbotics RM2 upgrade motors
  • Generally just a badass gun
  • Complete with 5 mags painted to match and each topped off with Elite darts ("starter" weathering - they will get a bit more beat up to match with time)
Tried to get pictures with a few different lighting conditions, between the hammered metallic paint and the clear coat it gets a weird sheen to it in some lighting. 


Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Triad Corner Clearing Attachment

Ivan threw this together to clear corners with his Stampede (or I guess any under-railed gun) for HvZ. AR mech is removed so all three shots fire simultaneously, and a new spring that launches all three darts a surprising distance. Also serves as a nifty foregrip.

Also, Ivan wanted everyone to see his stampede. No reason. Just cause. 

THE Remedy Metal Stainless Steel Longshot Kit: #57

So, after about 2.5 months of waiting and nearly $200 later, my Remedy Metal stainless steel Longshot kit came in the mail today. Needless to say, I skipped my 4:30 class to install this baby.

I can't even begin to describe how perfectly implemented the entire kit is. The welds are spot on, all pieces are the exact correct dimensions, everything fits smoothly, and best of all, the stainless steel finish is an eye catcher, it's almost a shame that I had to pack it into the shell of a Nerf gun.

After full install (and a 5kg OMW LS spring addition to the included k26, soon to be a 10kg spring), this thing is shooting like it might as well be a real gun. It is calibrated to Elite darts, but even at this power level they whiz on by and eventually spin out of control (however I haven't seen any fishtailing). PakD darts on the other hand, both stefans and full lengths, are hitting well over 100+ feet flat, and dead straight, with stopping power to spare when they hit the target. It's my new favorite gun, and gave one of my Longshots something to live for again (cause let's be honest, when that Centurion releases, everybody's gonna have a stock gun shooting 100+ feet).

More pics after the jump.