Thursday, June 21, 2012

Feedback on new ideas

So we're looking on people's feedback for ideas for a new longshot integration we're working on. This is the list of ideas we've got going, feel free to comment ideas or suggestions.
  • Barricade w/ drop turrets (cylinder reload)
  • Barricade w/o drop turrets (manual reload)
  • LSFG
  • Speedswarm (too big for clean integration)
  • Reactor
  • DTG (Hyperfire)
We want to also have either pump grip or center grip priming as opposed to the handled priming bar. We're just looking for feedback/more interesting ideas, and hopefully this gun turns out in about a week or two, granted that my dremel ever comes back from repair.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Nerf Reactor Shotgun - The RAY GUN

Got this little guy for $5 (off lasagna678 of all people) and decided to turn it into a shotgun. Ranges vary around 40-60 feet, with 1-4 darts loaded into the PETG barrel, add 15-20 feet more that when the extension barrel is removed, eliminating dead space.

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Well anyone who reads this blog now gets a sneak peak into one of the surprises we're working on for this fall's upcoming HvZ: The War Machine, mk2. Please excuse Sam's facial expressions. And enjoy some lols

NOTE: This project is nowhere near completion.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

UPDATED: More JSI sinister concoctions

We don't currently have pictures of these original/not-so-original JSI creations, but we have a long list of them.

  • Armpede - a minimized stampede that is mounted to the top of the forearm
  • Armfinder - a minimized cluster of 2-3 NiteFinders mounted on the forearm that fire on a push button
  • Steve (1.0, 2.0, 3.0) - a high powered PVC tube gun
  • Undermount M203s (party poppers)

Some of our not-so-secret upcoming projects that have started to materialize:
  • Experimental Double barrel shotgun (STAMPEDE REV-12 from the Nerf Elite Video Game)
  • The WOAR MACHINE mkIII (Fall HvZ)
  • Experimental Vulcan M60
  • Recon R5 RGP
  • Rayven Halo DMM
  • Rayven Saritch 308
  • Stampede ACR
  • Triple Barrel Maverick
  • Manta Ray NiteFinders
  • Longshot barricade integration with drop-turret  (codename: Agent Orange)
  • Experimental Triple Barrel Barricade??? (?)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Rayven: FN F2000, R2000 Variant

  • Black/tan paintjob
  • Removable custom dot scope
  • Barrel extension
  • Resistors bypassed
  • Flashlight/lazerlight attachment

Alpha Trooper: M4

  • Black/orange paintjob
  • Solid custom Recon stock
  • Removable modular suppressor / barrel extension
  • Holographic sight (Black Ops red dot style) 
  • Foregrip (removable with less powerful models)
  • Basic mods: Air restrictor removal, plunger padding, air release seal, lubrication
  • Advanced mods: 2x spring

Random Other Less Original Guns

Jungle camo w/ blowgun
Black w/ green ammo box & brass belt
Black w/ snub nose

Stampede: AA-12 Conversion

  • Custom body permutations (stock, barrel, body, handguard)
  • AA-12 decal
  • Basic mods: Air restrictor removal, plunger padding, air release seal, lubrication
  • Advanced mods: 7.2 RC pack
Model name: Stam-12

Russian grey-stripe camo

Russian Spetznaz Camo

Stampede: SMG Conversion

  • Grey stripe paintjob
  • Body modification for SMG
  • Battery bay in stock
  • Basic mods: Air restrictor removal, plunger padded, air release seal, lubrication
  • Advanced mods: Upgraded spring combination, 12v power supply via 8AA, electronic lock removal

Longstrike: Dragunov Sniper Rifle (SVD)

  • Black / grey / mahogany brown paintjob
  • Power stock, 2kg spring 
  • 4x zoom adjustable scope
  • Barrel still detaches
  • Gripod (grip with ejection bipod) 
  • Model specific:
    • Orange Mod Works Massacre Kit, 5kg main spring
    • Orange Mod Works limited-edition metal trigger
                                                                     v1 - light wood

                                                             v2 - mahogany wood

Stampede Assault Conversion

  • Flat black/grey paintjob
  • Modulated barrel attachments
  • Custom body segmentation in nose & stock
  • Battery bay in stock 
  • Basic mods: Air restrictor removal, plunger padding, air flow seal, lubrication
  • Advanced mods: 2.5x stock spring, 16.4v battery power, electric lock removal

**Updated pictures to follow**

Raider: Halo ODST Silenced SMG

  • Flat black/grey paintjob
  • Custom body replacement to mirror silencer
  • Custom modified Recon stock
  • Custom iron sight made from Recon rail sight
  • Basic mods: Air restrictor removal, plunger padding, lubrication
  • The zipties on the barrel were a last ditch effort to save this gun after a 6kg spring almost bent it in half during priming. It works completely normal under stock spring conditions, and zipties aren't necessary when less powerful springs are used. 

Alpha Trooper: Mossberg Shotgun

  • Flat black / orange / grey paintjob
  • Removable orange legal tip
  • Barrel extension
  • Secondary barrel; can be integrated with a Secret Shot or Jolt
  • 4 shells on right side for quick dart storage
  • Basic mods: Air restrictor removal, plunger padding, lubrication
  • Advanced mods in this particular model: Orange Mod Works Alpha Trooper Unleashed Stage 1 (5kg main spring, 2x catch spring, metal catch, metal end-cap reinforcement plate)

Grand Kick-Off Of Our Blog

Well we finally cracked and made a blog to display all the great mods that we have. We have some pictures on facebook, but usually we only post 1-2 pics of every gun we do. Here we will have a dedicated post to any original gun or project we make. Hope you enjoy and thanks for visiting.