Friday, May 31, 2013

New pages on the site!

We have recently posted two new pages on the blog: Testimonials and JSI Ammo Counters!

The Testimonials tab is for past customers to post their comments and feedback about their experience with JSI Modding. All feedback is welcomed, but trolling will not be tolerated.

Also, we have launched a page to log our progress with the JSI Ammo Counter units. As of today, it has been updated with just about everything from the original iteration design considerations with the GAL 22v10 chip. We are looking into the possibility of using an Arduino Mini microcontroller to prototype over the summer while we are away from Purdue. Follow our progress!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I give you, The Long(er)Strike / Elite LongStrike / RetalStrike / Whatever...

Here we have an interesting frankenblaster that was just finished, the Long(er)Strike. It is a LongStrike that has been spliced with modified Retaliator internals to finally become a practical blaster, or at least what an elite LongStrike could have been like (as it was confirmed to not be in Hasbro's plans to revive it as an Elite version).

Anyways, AR removal, OMW 2x spring, and the quick-lock stock mod (which allows the stock to be quickly unlatched from the blaster, but won't fall out on its own).


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Summer Nerf Sales Blowout!

We're currently liquidating some of the blasters we have just laying around in an attempt to stop hauling them home and back but never using them. Check out our eBay page for the listings. We are willing to slash prices some if you are willing to deal straight through PayPal (just like we do for commissions) so that eBay doesn't take a 15%+ cut of the sales. Some good stuff in there with more to come!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Re:LED - Real Recon Flashlight Attachment

So this isn't the most original (or newest) mod on the bloc, but we recently had a pair of flashlights that were Nerf-rail compatible commissioned. Here's the result - a 9x white LED flashlight running on 4.5v substituted into the Recon "laser" attachment. It's truly insanely bright for its size, it lit up nearly my entire house and it's a wee little bugger. Everything is rewired to work on the original exterior on/off switch.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sam's Russian Overhaul

So since Sam has been away on co-op this semester, he's had a little more free time than the other two of us. His completely repainted and redesigned setups show it. All feature his signature Russian Camo, да.

"Multitool": Sam's Stryfe/Rough Cut masterkey integration (these things never look straight in photographs).

"My Little Friend":At one point this was the Retaliator M4, now it is a whole new beast. Basics modded Retaliator with Party Popper M203 and pumpgrip. Also features an LSFG barrel extension, "rail covers," PVC ACOG sight, and telescoping Raider stock.

"East Berlin": UMP .45 style Stryfe with the basics, already been featured on the blog.

"SideKick": Basics-modded Strongarm, you can imagine why the "Kick" is capitalized.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Elite Alpha Troopers

We have connections (aka the Nerf subreddit). And needless to say, nowhere around Dayton, Ohio is going to be in stock with these guys anytime soon. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH *ahem*

Only 1 more left for sale: JSI eBay Page