Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ivan's Assault Stampede

Well Ivan finally followed in my footsteps and made himself an Assault variant stampede (as opposed to the SMG style stampede's he's made in the past).

  • Black/Orange paintjob
  • OMW 4kg spring
  • Overvolt (2 interchangeable setups for 15 or 21v)
  • Custom body segmentation
  • Battery boxes relocated to rear of stock
  • Custom rifle rigging straps

The Armpede mkIII (w/ Block Tiger Stripes)

Here we have another recent commission, one of our Armpede mkIII variants (the newest design).

  • Crimson/Black Block Tiger Stripe paintjob
  • Double spring
  • Overvolt with battery pack (with a nifty recharging plug)
  • Basic internals
  • "Arpedification"
  • mkIII variant

Monday, October 22, 2012

Am I Tacticool Enough Yet Guys?

Lol but seriously, have a good HvZ week everyone. We'll see you on the battlefield. And that is one of my guns. No I will not be using it like that this week. Noob mav fanboys gtfo.

Tiger Stripes

Just as a smaple of what we can do with tiger stripe paintjobs, here's a pic of a joint-project we did with the owner of these blasters: a Red/Black tiger stripe paintjob on the Rampage and a Black/Orange paintjob on the Barricade.

"The Kuhn" Style Bolt Action Blowgun

A friend of ours, M.Kuhn, is now offering his style of breech-action blowguns through JSI!
This is a replica of Michael Kuhn's current blowgun. 

Specs (direct from Kuhn):
  • 23 dart holder on front for quick sniping ammo
  • 2.5 foot barrel can be interchanged for close range encounters
  • 4.5 foot total length
  • Breech allows fast dart reload with virtually no air loss
  • Range averages 60 ft flat. (I've hit Z sized targets from 90+ feet with this gun)

Dart Holder Block with various darts

The Breech - Open (Orange piece on the left slide back over it with a perfect seal)

The future cost of production for one of these will be $35, and can be painted (unlike the taping in the photos) for standard painting rates. These work well mounted on top of blasters such as the Raider, Rampage, or Quick 16 (what Kuhn himself uses for close range). Other requested variations on this design are also available.

Longshot: War Machine

Sam is currently working on an Iron Man & War Machine themed pair of Longshots.

So I present to you, the War Machine Longshot.

  • Black/Silver paintjob
  • JSI Pumpgrip with aluminum connecting bars
  • 8kg effective double spring
  • Basic internals

*More pictures to follow*

Thursday, October 18, 2012

PSA: Stampede Internals Update

Just a PSA that we will offer 4kg stampede springs in the future (as opposed to the 6kg) springs we offer now. In testing, we've found that 4 and 6kg springs perform nearly the same, while the 4kg spring offers a higher ROF at the same voltage.

6kg springs will still be offered upon request, but we will quote internals at a 4kg spring moving forward.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


We'd like to thank everyone that checks out the site for their support in our modding and business. We wouldn't be what we are without customers and supporters. And remember we have MUCH MORE in store and on the way!

Monday, October 15, 2012

The Armpede, mkIII

We sadly only took one picture before we gave this to the guy that ordered it, but I present to you, the Armpede mkIII. I'll have to get the specs from Ivan, but I know this is BAD ASS.

What separates it from previous Armpede iterations is how it connects to the user. Instead of 2 lashing straps, or a large PVC gauntlet, it utilizes a 1" section of padded PVC around the wrist/forearm and a lashing strap in the rear to secure it to the user's arm, preventing major sweating and rolling on the arm, and lightening it up at the same time.

Known Specs:
  • Blue/Black paintjob
  • OMW 2x spring
  • Overvolt (12-16v?) in a flat AA battery box (long boxes also available)
  • Armpede minimization
  • New 2 point connection
  • Forward trigger in PVC casing
  • Badassery
Available for commission for either $50 plus a stampede, or $100 without a provided stampede. (Batteries not included)

SlyDev, SlyDev Everywhere

Finally got my 2 orders of SlyDev parts, and all I can say is: "Shit Just Got Real."

This stuff is pretty high quality. Aside from some weird ridging (it is 3D printed after all), everything is in pretty good shape. I'll definitely be ordering more from him in the future, especially now that he's offering new items weekly as well as revamping his older stuff. Can't wait until he gets his second printer and PLA and starts making larger items.

Anyways, first-come, first-serve basis, priority is commissions. Each part costs the retail price on the SlyDev site +$1. What you see is what I currently have in stock.

Willing to sell off but expect to pay more than retail since I paid out of pocket and went through the hassle of ordering, plus it's all quoted in AUD. 

Friday, October 12, 2012

PSA: We offer more than you think

Remember, we offer more than just Nerf-brand and homemade cosmetics.

1. SlyDev accessories (a new personal favorite) are very cheap, 3D-printed pieces (in a variety of colors including clear and glow-in-the-dark). Major products include:
  • Attachable Nerf and Picatinny rails
  • Nerf to Picatinny rail converters and risers
  • attachable iron sights
  • Nerf-rail iron sights
  • Nerf rail to rail connectors
  • Nerf 1 to 2 or 3 rail expanders
  • Attachable dart holders
  • Nerf rail dart holders
  • iPhone 4/4s to Nerf rail mounts
  • Universal camera to Nerf rail mounts
  • Attachable sling points
  • Nerf rail sling points
  • Combined Nerf rail iron sight/sling points
  • Nerf rail to custom converters (make ANYTHING into a Nerf rail attachment)
SlyDev Accessories

A complete listing available at: SlyDev.com.au

2. OMW/Xplorer/Remedy Metal internals are great ways to get the most out of any blaster.

An OMW Massacre Kit
Orange Mod Works offers a wide variety of cheap CUSTOM Nerf upgrade springs, as well as polycarbonate internal replacement kits for the Recon/Raider/Alpha Trooper/Longstrike and soon the Longshot and Retaliator. Find all their products here: orangemodworks.com

Xplorer offers custom, hand-CNC routed metal internal replacement kits. Although VERY PRICEY, they are amazing and last a VERY long time. The only downside is that most kits only work for stefan darts (small, custom darts not used in most gameplay). Find them here: Xplorer.com

Remedy Metal offers custom stainless steel Longshot boltsleds and plunger parts (with more products on the way). Although more expensive than OMW's polycarb, these can withstand some major spring force. Find them here: remedymetal.com

3. Airsoft scopes, sights, grips, lazers, taclights, or just about anything else useful or cool can be put on a Nerf gun. You can find these on eBay or other webstores, Dick's Sporting Goods, hunting shops, Airsoft shops, etc. Look around, you never know what you'll find for cheap.

Some attachments can be directly converted to be Nerf-usable, others will use Picatinny rails (which are conveniently offered by SlyDev for $4-6) and are usually better.

4. And don't forget we make attachments too. PVC can go a long way in the hand of someone who knows how to use it. We've made foregrips, scopes and dot-sights before. We can use it to make custom cos-mods. Between project wood, polycarb sheets, PVC and glue/epoxy, we make some pretty sweet stuff. 

Just ask if you don't know whether we can do something, or if you have something else in mind.
WE CAN PUT ANYTHING ON ANYTHING! We aim to make the perfect Nerf gun that YOU want.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ivan's Alpha Trooper Overhaul

Ivan recently overhauled his AT, and this baby is the result.


  • Black/Orange/OD Green paintjob
  • Some OMW polycarb Massacre internals
  • OMW 5kg spring
  • Metal trigger
  • Top-mounted blowgun
  • 12 shells for dart storage
  • Slide-mounted Nerf rails
  • Custom quick reload drum drop-strap
  • (Not pictured here) Rampage foregrip

 *Pics were taken after this thing has been through a week of HvZ. It's got battle scars.*

Retaliator: Pumpgrip Shotgun

The only thing I can say about this gun is that I don't want to give it up. It threw me for a few loops during production, but I love the way it came out.

An inverted Recon shell and pump under the barrel serves as a forward grip connected by aluminum bars to the regular top grip.The forward recon shell still has the front hole, so a flashlight can be inserted.

  • Black/Blue paintjob
  • Custom underbarrel pumpgrip
  • 5 kg spring upgrade
  • Basic Elite internals (catch, lube, ARs, o-ring)
  • Ranges: ~65-75' PTG (Elites), ~50-60' PTG (Streamlines)
In Production
Post Production

Thursday, October 4, 2012


So, last year we made something completely original that we dubbed "The Armpede." It was essentially a minimized stampede with an insane overvolt/spring combo and buckling straps that clipped onto your right arm and a long, wired trigger-button. Our friend Shawn owned with it during HvZ here at Purdue and elsewhere.

Well, Sam (the S of JSI), is working on a Nerf-equipped War Machine suit. As for his arms, he's incorporating 2 gauntlets, large sections of padded PVC with Nerf guns attached. Here's our attempt to patch up a new Armpede to one of them. It's not complete (or pretty for that matter), but it is functional and hits stellar ranges with Elites and has a killer ROF. I emptied this 18-round drum in a few seconds with no jams. Check it:

Top view

Front view (exposing unfinished trigger button)

Side view

Armpedes (gauntlet or strapped) can be commissioned for $50 plus a stampede, or $100 without one (we provide a NIB stampede plus all NIB included accessories).

Bolt-Action Blowgun, v2

So here is Ivan's second try at making a bolt-action loading blowgun, and it works like a charm.

  • Single/Multi dart breech
  • Accepts suction, whistler, tagger & buzzbee darts
  • 4 foot effective barrel
  • Handy stock/grips
  • 1/2" PVC & 3/4" Oxygen Tubing

Full length (Ignore Keifer's face)

Side shot

Breech open

Breech closed