Sunday, December 30, 2012

Nerf TTE Project: Space Luger

So over Thanksgiving weekend this year I happened across a Nerf TTE (mega dart version) for $1 at a thrift store. Finally got around to messing with it. I think it now looks like a futuristic, space-age Luger.

  • 1/2" Thinwall PETG Re-barrel 
  • Spring replacement ~2x; catch spring 2x
It can fire either 1 or 2 darts due to the 8" PETG barrel. If you load an Elite dart first, prime it (it will vacuum seal back into place), then load another dart, it will fire the front dart first, and the rear dart on a second prime. No reload time! Due to the tolerance of the PETG, some darts don't fire very well, whereas other make a PERFECT seal. With most variants of streamlines, it's hitting averages in the 40-50 ft. range. With Elites, it's hitting averages more like 60-70 ft. With the occasionally really thick Elite dart (and probably some luck and a tailwind), it's getting the rare ~100 ft. mark. Once again, it's all due to the tolerance of the PETG.

*This might be going up on eBay soon, keep an eye out. It would make the perfect CTF/indoor sidearm

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