Sunday, October 20, 2013

Delving into the RapidStrike

So Ivan was the first of us to get a RapidStrike and really mess around with it. The internals are surprisingly simple (once you figure out what's going on in there), and the shell is easily split for painting.

Not much changed from the stock setup, but the overvolt is throwing darts out to about 80' flat at about 360rpm. You can expect a more in depth internal build soon from Jake, based on TorukMakto4 & Naazrael's motor testing and developments.

  • Tan/Grey/Black mixed stripe paintjob w/ clear coat
  • Internal rewiring to bypass electronic locks & PCBs/ICBs
  • Overvolt to 360rpm
  • P90 sling (works like a charm)
  • Dressed up with some "tacticool" attachments for added coolness

Don't mind Ivan trying to look tacticool

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