Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Illusive OMW Immortal Kit

Looky, looky: The OMW Longshot Immortal Kit.

Lives up to the hype. The full high-impact polycarbonate internal replacement kit is outshooting our standard modded Longshots (my personal ones) with similar spring loads. Smooth and VERY EASY one-hand priming.

Even if you missed the pre-order exclusive bonus priming handle, we can whip up custom handles that fit this kit (as the stock handles are too small to work) and ONE-HAND PRIME. However, at 10kg a priming handle is easier to prime and more reliable than pumpgrips.

We give it two thumbs up, and will be offering this if OMW makes a second production run after the current run sells out (which may or may not have already happened).

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