Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sam's Russian Overhaul

So since Sam has been away on co-op this semester, he's had a little more free time than the other two of us. His completely repainted and redesigned setups show it. All feature his signature Russian Camo, да.

"Multitool": Sam's Stryfe/Rough Cut masterkey integration (these things never look straight in photographs).

"My Little Friend":At one point this was the Retaliator M4, now it is a whole new beast. Basics modded Retaliator with Party Popper M203 and pumpgrip. Also features an LSFG barrel extension, "rail covers," PVC ACOG sight, and telescoping Raider stock.

"East Berlin": UMP .45 style Stryfe with the basics, already been featured on the blog.

"SideKick": Basics-modded Strongarm, you can imagine why the "Kick" is capitalized.

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