Saturday, March 8, 2014

Stryfe/Rough Cut Masterkey Gear of War Cosplay Piece

We got an odd request to make a stryfe/rough cut masterkey that would serve as a Gears of War cosplay prop (fully functional though). Before anyone goes off about the absence of an orange tip and the nearly all-black paintjob, this was specifically requested by the commissioner, who assured us that a temporary orange tip and extreme caution/safety would be used in cases/places that warranted it.

  • "Flat Dark Earth" paintjob - black vinyl dye primer coat, Ultra-flat black main coat, matt clear coat). Came out very "earthy"
  • Bloody red Gears of War cog tag logo
  • Masterkey style integration
  • Selective-slamfire capability on forward pump
  • Pesky top-lock removal
  • 18 round mag with notch and shaving to work in reverse
  • Mag painted to mask ammo count, except for single stripe

1 comment:

  1. Is this a real firearm? If so please send one to me ,and PLEASE send instructions , cause I can't figure this out at all . Thanks