Thursday, June 21, 2012

Feedback on new ideas

So we're looking on people's feedback for ideas for a new longshot integration we're working on. This is the list of ideas we've got going, feel free to comment ideas or suggestions.
  • Barricade w/ drop turrets (cylinder reload)
  • Barricade w/o drop turrets (manual reload)
  • LSFG
  • Speedswarm (too big for clean integration)
  • Reactor
  • DTG (Hyperfire)
We want to also have either pump grip or center grip priming as opposed to the handled priming bar. We're just looking for feedback/more interesting ideas, and hopefully this gun turns out in about a week or two, granted that my dremel ever comes back from repair.


  1. No go on the reactor. They suck. I'd love to see a drop cylinder Bcade in there.

  2. Yeah the reactor was an idea but its too large and too lame. It hit the throwboard but I dont see it going anywhere.