Sunday, June 10, 2012

UPDATED: More JSI sinister concoctions

We don't currently have pictures of these original/not-so-original JSI creations, but we have a long list of them.

  • Armpede - a minimized stampede that is mounted to the top of the forearm
  • Armfinder - a minimized cluster of 2-3 NiteFinders mounted on the forearm that fire on a push button
  • Steve (1.0, 2.0, 3.0) - a high powered PVC tube gun
  • Undermount M203s (party poppers)

Some of our not-so-secret upcoming projects that have started to materialize:
  • Experimental Double barrel shotgun (STAMPEDE REV-12 from the Nerf Elite Video Game)
  • The WOAR MACHINE mkIII (Fall HvZ)
  • Experimental Vulcan M60
  • Recon R5 RGP
  • Rayven Halo DMM
  • Rayven Saritch 308
  • Stampede ACR
  • Triple Barrel Maverick
  • Manta Ray NiteFinders
  • Longshot barricade integration with drop-turret  (codename: Agent Orange)
  • Experimental Triple Barrel Barricade??? (?)

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