Monday, August 13, 2012

PSA: Triple Barrel Maverick Spacers ARE Gone

Just a quick PSA to all our readers out there who were considering buying a spacer/connector set for the Triple Barrel Maverick Mod: WE HAVE 2 MORE NO SETS OF SURPLUS SPACERS LEFT.

Yes, you heard that correctly, the order I had cut this summer is almost sold out, I have 2 no more sets of spacers left to sell off, and 3 more sets I'm holding onto to for TBM commissions. I won't be making another order until December at the earliest, especially if the Maverick is being phased out for the Strongarm (them we'll invent a Triple Barrel Strongarm Mod, lol).

You can either buy it directly by emailing us (and save a few bucks), or buy it through my eBay page (if you're a skeptic). The price is $23 via the blog, or $26 via eBay. Your pick. But HURRY if you want a set.

2 more full Triple Barrel Mavericks are still able to be commissioned for $80 + shipping.

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