Saturday, January 19, 2013

Full Service, One-Stop Shop

The JSI Blog is finally fully functional (!!!) with new tabs that allow us to give you all the information you need in one simple place: here.

A few weeks ago we added the tabs for Posts, News, and the "About JSI" sections. We just finished the "Placing a commission," "What we offer," and "The JSI mods catalog" tabs.

What We Offer - Overview of services we offer.

The JSI catalog - In-depth breakdown of what is available on a per-gun basis and what accessories and kits we can add, as well as mod ideas.

Placing A Commission - How to contact us to place an order for a custom Nerf blaster, homebrew, mods, etc..

The blog now features all our stuff in one place, no more need to dig through our links for the google docs, it's now conveniently on the blog! Enjoy the ease!

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