Wednesday, April 10, 2013

BSU [Ball State] Themed Assault-Variant Stampede

Here we have a nice assault-variant stampede, nearly the same as the first ones we did. I must say, the paint had a breakdown halfway through and was a BITCH to fix. Also, Radio Shack sold me a battery box (on/off controlled) with a lead not even soldered to the terminal. Took me an hour and ripping the gun apart for the 8th time to find fix it. Anyways, I like that it turned out well, and here's hoping that it kicks some ass this weekend during its christening at the PSU (Penn St.) Invitational.

  • Red/White Paintjob (w/ clear coat)
  • Main logo removed with Maltese Cross pattern replacment
  • JSI Assault-style minimization
  • Full-length stock false barrel (as opposed to snub)
  • Basic internals
  • OMW 2x (4kg) spring
  • 8x 14500-cell (AA sized) in-line battery tray holders (runs 12-21v)
  • Fresh with 3x 18 sticks (& darts) and a Retaliator foregrip

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