Saturday, April 6, 2013

Steampunk Stryfe

This has been a commission in the works for a few weeks now, for an older gentleman who needed a steampunk-themed blaster to be a chaperone for his nieces' LARP game. We told him we knew just what he needed. Steampunk: check. Semi-auto: check. Badass: check.

  • Copper/Brass/Black/Brown steampunk paintjob (Copper main, Brass secondary, Black accent & undercoat, Brown "wooden" grip) with weathering & clear coat
  • Logos removed
  • Basic Stryfe internals (top lock out, thermistor removed)
  • Plasti-dip'd balanced flywheels
  • Solarbotics RM2 upgrade motors
  • Generally just a badass gun
  • Complete with 5 mags painted to match and each topped off with Elite darts ("starter" weathering - they will get a bit more beat up to match with time)
Tried to get pictures with a few different lighting conditions, between the hammered metallic paint and the clear coat it gets a weird sheen to it in some lighting. 


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  1. Jake,

    One word...WOW!

    The 'Older Gentleman'