Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ivan's new batch of blasters

Here we have Ivan's new personal arsenal: a custom Alpha Trooper, Stampede, and Nitefinder, with a Rayven to match on the way. Let's break down the specs:

Alpha Trooper:
  • OD Green/Black/Orange paintjob
  • AR removal/plunger padding/air release seal/lubrication
  • OMW 5kg spring (tba)
  • Custom folding spectre stock with reinforcement and clip holder
  • Iron sights
  • OD Green/Black/Orange paintjob
  • Body modification for SMG
  • Battery bay in stock
  • Basic mods: Air restrictor removal, plunger padded, air release seal, lubrication
  • Advanced mods: Upgraded spring combination, 12v power supply via 8AA, electronic lock removal
  • Essentially a repaint/rebarrel of a previous CQB SMG mod
  • OD Green/Black/Orange paintjob
  • Body nose segmentation
  • Speed cpvc couplers
  • Upgraded spring (tba)
  • AR removal/plunger padded/air release seal/lubrication

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