Sunday, March 24, 2013

About Damn Time: The "Rambo" M60 Vulcan

Well, as most of our followers have seen in the last week, Ivan's secret M60 Vulcan project has been close to finally wrapping up after a year of setbacks and temporary lack of interest. However, this "horde breaker" has finally been finished (well it's about 95% there, still needs some touching up on the ammo box paint). Ivan also has plans to add a foresight, belt catch bag and a few other goodies.

But now, let's get down to business:
  • OD Green/Black/Orange paint scheme w/ a super sexy clear coat
  • Detailed body work and custom stock, barrel, foregrip, and trigger grip
  • Re-worked trigger assembly
  • All locks removed and internal minimization (& the basics)
  • Rail mounted to top of the belt hatch
  • Overvolted to 12-16v (ROF of ~400 rpm at 14.5v)
  • Standard 50-round chain (works wonders with Elites)
  • 2x capacity rebuilt ammo box
  • Modified Recon sight 
  • Probably a ton more stuff that I'm forgetting in the excitement that this is finally finished
Also, try to ignore Ivan's face

 And here is a test firing video of the M60:

EDIT 8/12/13: Belt catch bag fashioned out of zippered webbing and lashing straps. Attached to an aluminum frame secured (and removable) by 2 screws.


  1. is that a maverick trigger, that you guys used?

    1. Yes, the firing trigger is cut down from a maverick

  2. Is there a stronger spring in there? Also, what materials did you use for body work?

    1. The body work was completed with polycarbonate sheeting, coated birch crafting wood and PVC. Also, there was an OMW 2x spring.

  3. Hey guys love your m60, I plan on doing one myself but I have a few questions. I would like to have 18 volts running to the motor, would I be best off installing a new higher power one? And If so than what kind of motor would be best?

    1. We do not recommend high-voltage setups, especially if you're thinking out just connecting more voltage to the stock motor setup. We recommend researching motor options and implementing a build that utilizes an aftermarket motor (hard to find ones that fit the stock size of a vulcan w/o modification, we know) that is powered by a standard voltage level battery pack, operating within the requirements of the motor (ie. lower voltage required by the motor but battery needs to be able to supply more amperage). As you can see from the date of this post, this build is quite old. Ivan learned the hard way that connecting a bunch of unregulated 14500 cells to the stock motor was not a good nor lasting solution.

  4. would you guys be able to exlain how to wire up the trigger to the maverick handle? or post an internals pic