Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Remedy Metal:: The next big name in aftermarket

We've recently had a lot of contact with Josh over at Remedy Metal, and he's doing big things. Remedy Metal (RM) started out offering stainless steel Longshot internal replacement pieces, and has now expanded (as is still expanding) even further.

The RM store now offers not only the refined RM Power Train Longshot kits and parts (which I'm still waiting for mine to be finished and shipped) capable of firing elite darts at 190fps, but RM now also carries limited Pak Development (PakD) parts (stefan clips, bob domes, and foam), with PakD's Mouseworm LS pumpgrip, LS priming handle, assorted bob dome colors and cast Stampede gears on the way down the road.

RM also paired up with SlyDev as his North American supplier, so look for more SlyDev parts being available for cheaper shipping prices soon too. SlyDev has a pretty healthy backlog to print up, so it may be awhile before the RM store offers those parts, but they're coming (you can order on your own at

RM is currently looking for more 3rd party aftermarket Nerf suppliers to team up with, as long as they don't compete with currently offered RM, PakD and SlyDev products. RM also offers DIY hopper kits, stock LS internals, and other supplies.

Furthermore, talks between JSI and RM have been going on regarding a possible team up, so be looking for that while we expand ourselves in the coming months!

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