Saturday, March 30, 2013

Yet again, another Masterkey

I think it's my cleanest work yet on a Masterkey. Same as the first two, with the exception that it has a motor swap with Solarbotics RM2 motors and the flywheels are plastidip coated.

  • Rough Cut Masterkey integration
  • Basic Stryfe mods (top lock out, thermoresistor bypassed, flywheels plastidip coated)
  • Solarbotics RM2 motor replacements
  • Barrel mount added to front of barrel for future silencer (in true Solscud style)

I was finishing up this Stryfe/Rough Cut Masterkey commission when I noticed something strange: the forward pump had the ability to select fire a side of the barrels, just like the trigger could before it was epoxied in place. No idea what caused it, but I'm trying to replicate it on the next Masterkey commission. I also apologize for the poor quality; phone video + asking a non-technology-savvy family member to take the video doesn't ever turn out too great.

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