Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Recon Remington R5

Damn that's a lot of R's. Well here is a project gun that's been sitting in my closet for awhile, my Remington R5 RGP with desert ops paintjob. Turned out better than expected.

  • Desert Ops Tan/Black paintjob
  • 5" Barrel extension
  • Fast-priming handle
  • OMW Massacre kit (6kg main spring)
  • OMW Metal trigger


  1. I would love to buy this gun. You are awesome and an inspiration to me, and it would literally be a highpoint in my life to own this gun. Thank you so much! You can contact me at

  2. Continuing my last comment, can you do one thing please? Can just paint the clip to match the gun color? Thank you again!