Friday, July 13, 2012

Slydev Accessories NOW AVAILABLE

We have happened upon quite a unique site recently, which supplies handy little Nerf accesories. It happens to be, a store run from Australia, and they offer an assortment of pieces that help turn Nerf guns into much, much more. Whether you are looking to add a 22mm rail, iron sights, a jolt adapter, or maybe convert a single N-strike rail into 2-3, Slydev has just the part for the job.

We are now happy to offer these parts on all commissions (permitting the time/cost to import them):

-Jolt attachment
-Rail conversion (multiple N-strike rails, or 22mm railing)
-Rail addition (adding N-strike or 22mm railing)
-Iron sights
-Dart/disk holders (for N-strike rails) (2-8, multiples of 2)

Check it out HERE

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