Thursday, October 4, 2012


So, last year we made something completely original that we dubbed "The Armpede." It was essentially a minimized stampede with an insane overvolt/spring combo and buckling straps that clipped onto your right arm and a long, wired trigger-button. Our friend Shawn owned with it during HvZ here at Purdue and elsewhere.

Well, Sam (the S of JSI), is working on a Nerf-equipped War Machine suit. As for his arms, he's incorporating 2 gauntlets, large sections of padded PVC with Nerf guns attached. Here's our attempt to patch up a new Armpede to one of them. It's not complete (or pretty for that matter), but it is functional and hits stellar ranges with Elites and has a killer ROF. I emptied this 18-round drum in a few seconds with no jams. Check it:

Top view

Front view (exposing unfinished trigger button)

Side view

Armpedes (gauntlet or strapped) can be commissioned for $50 plus a stampede, or $100 without one (we provide a NIB stampede plus all NIB included accessories).

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