Monday, October 15, 2012

The Armpede, mkIII

We sadly only took one picture before we gave this to the guy that ordered it, but I present to you, the Armpede mkIII. I'll have to get the specs from Ivan, but I know this is BAD ASS.

What separates it from previous Armpede iterations is how it connects to the user. Instead of 2 lashing straps, or a large PVC gauntlet, it utilizes a 1" section of padded PVC around the wrist/forearm and a lashing strap in the rear to secure it to the user's arm, preventing major sweating and rolling on the arm, and lightening it up at the same time.

Known Specs:
  • Blue/Black paintjob
  • OMW 2x spring
  • Overvolt (12-16v?) in a flat AA battery box (long boxes also available)
  • Armpede minimization
  • New 2 point connection
  • Forward trigger in PVC casing
  • Badassery
Available for commission for either $50 plus a stampede, or $100 without a provided stampede. (Batteries not included)

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