Monday, October 22, 2012

"The Kuhn" Style Bolt Action Blowgun

A friend of ours, M.Kuhn, is now offering his style of breech-action blowguns through JSI!
This is a replica of Michael Kuhn's current blowgun. 

Specs (direct from Kuhn):
  • 23 dart holder on front for quick sniping ammo
  • 2.5 foot barrel can be interchanged for close range encounters
  • 4.5 foot total length
  • Breech allows fast dart reload with virtually no air loss
  • Range averages 60 ft flat. (I've hit Z sized targets from 90+ feet with this gun)

Dart Holder Block with various darts

The Breech - Open (Orange piece on the left slide back over it with a perfect seal)

The future cost of production for one of these will be $35, and can be painted (unlike the taping in the photos) for standard painting rates. These work well mounted on top of blasters such as the Raider, Rampage, or Quick 16 (what Kuhn himself uses for close range). Other requested variations on this design are also available.

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